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Nomination of Candidates for the AASD Named Awards

Dear AASD members

Wish you are doing well. P

Although we are still in the process of forming the AASD Award Selection Committee, we would like to start asking for nomination of candidates for each of the AASD Awards:

  1. The Yutaka Seino Distinguished Leadership Award

  2. The Masato Kasuga Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement

  3. The Pan Xiaoren Distinguished Research Award for Epidemiology of Diabetes in Asia

Please refer to the supplemental rule attached to this e-mail for detailed criteria and eligibility requirements for the three named AASD Awards. You may recommend only one candidate for each award.

To be considered, nominations must include:

  1. A completed nomination form

  2. A letter of nomination (maximum 400 words, signed by three persons at most)

  3. A nominee's curriculum vitae (free format)

  4. Reprints (or PDF files) of nominee's 5 major publications

Nominations in a PDF format must be received at office@aa-sd.org by September 20, 2013 (GMT).

Upon receiving your recommendations, the AASD Award Selection Committee will carefully examine all nominations for each award. In mid-September, the AASD Award Selection Committee will propose their selections to the AASD ExB for approval. Upon approval of the AASD ExB, selected awardees will be informed before the end of September. Selected awardees will receive the Awards and deliver his or her lecture during the 5th AASD Scientific Meeting (Seoul, Korea / November 6-9, 2013).

When you prepare your nominations, keep in mind that awardees must deliver his or her lecture at the meeting. Otherwise, he or she is not eligible for the Award, and the second choice will receive the Award and deliver the lecture instead.

The office deeply apologizes for the limited time before the deadline, but we do appreciate your generous understanding and cooperation on this issue.
If you have difficulties to meet the deadline, please contact office.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

AASD Office