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Papers submitted to JDI after Sep. 24th will be an Open Access Articles

JDI will be converted to a full open access journal from 2014. All new submissions received after Sep. 24th, 2013 (US Eastern time) will be received as Open Access Articles and must be submitted via a new submission system at

For Author Guidelines, please refer to the following URL

For submission of a revised manuscript which was first submitted before Sep. 23rd, 2013, please submit via the previous system at

All articles will be freely available to read, download and share. To cover the cost of publishing, a publication fee will be charged. Please refer to the article publication charges page for more details:

Please also refer to Wiley’s article publication charge discount & waiver policy at:

An AASD member may apply for discount on article publication charge. Please contact AASD office for the DISCOUNT CODE and your AASD ID NUMBER before submitting your paper. support@aa-sd.org

For any queries regarding your paper submission, please contact JDI Editorial Office at:
Email: JDI@wiley.com
Tel: 81 3 3830 1220
Fax: 81 3 5689 7278