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Articles of Association

I. Name, Office and Purpose

Article 1 Name

There is created a regional non-profit association with the name of the “Asian Association for the Study of Diabetes”, also referred to as “AASD”.

Article 2 Office

The registered office of the AASD is located at 5-25-18 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033 Japan (c/o Japan Diabetes Society).

Article 3 Purpose

The goals of the association are to facilitate discussion on various issues concerning diabetes mellitus and to upgrade the level of diabetes research in the region.

Article 4 Activities

To these ends, the main activities of the association shall be:
  1. To convene annual meetings of the association; and
  2. To publish an official journal of the association, the “Journal of Diabetes Investigation”, also referred as the “JDI”.

II. Membership

Article 5 Membership

The AASD shall comprise Societies/Associations from East and South-East Asia and individuals who have paid their annual fees and agree to abide by the Articles of Association described herein.

Article 6 Annual fees

The annual fee for membership includes subscription to the “JDI”.

III. Board of Management

Article 7 Members of the Executive Board

The Executive Board shall be the Board of Management of the AASD, and it includes Chairs from all Board Societies/ Associations and the Editor-in-Chief and members of the Executive Board for the “JDI”. If these nominees from the Board Societies/ Associations are also represented on the Executive Board of the “JDI”, alternative delegates shall be recommended from these Board Societies/ Associations, and the Board of Management shall assign these Chairs by mutual vote.
The Board of Management can hold General Council meeting which comprises of individual members of the Societies/Associations.

*Board Societies/ Associations include
Chinese Diabetes Society, Chinese Taipei Diabetes Association,
Hong Kong Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction,
Japan Diabetes Society, and Korean Diabetes Association
(Listed in alphabetical order)
One delegate from all Member Societies/ Associations shall be represented on the Executive Board.

IV. Official meetings

Article 8 Official meetings

The AASD shall hold its annual meetings in conjunction with annual meetings to be held in its Societies/ Associations.

Article 9 Meeting agenda

In conjunction with these annual meetings, the Executive Board meetings shall be convened to verify, address and/or make decisions as required with respect to issues, which include;
  1. Dates of forthcoming meetings
  2. Themes/ issues to be addressed at forthcoming meetings
  3. Fiscal reporting
  4. Issues pertaining to “JDI”
  5. Other issues

Article 10 Sponsorship for annual meetings

The AASD annual meetings shall be sponsored by Societies/ Associations in which they are being held.

V. Revision and approval of the articles of association

Article 11 Revision and approval of the articles of association

The articles of association shall be revised for approval and/or revision at the General Council as well as Board of Management meetings.

Article 12 Effective date

The Articles of Association shall be valid from March 5, 2009.

VI. Budgets and accounts

Article 13 Fiscal reporting

The AASD shall assign an official Accountant to give an accounting report for each fiscal year at the General Council as well as Board of Management meetings.

Article 14 Audit

The AASD shall have its annual accounts regularly verified by a properly assigned auditor, prior to their submission to the Executive Board for approval.

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