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The Xiaoren Pan Distinguished Research Award for Epidemiology of Diabetes in Asia

An AASD award presented in recognition of outstanding epidemiological research in the field of diabetes and related metabolic diseases to improve diabetes care in Asia.

Criteria for Selection

  • Nominees have outstanding scientific achievements in epidemiological research in the field of diabetes.


  • Recipients deliver the Pan Xiaoren Distinguished Research Award Lecture at the annual Scientific Sessions.
  • The Award lecture will be published in the Journal of Diabetes Investigation (JDI).


  • Presentation of the Award at the Annual Scientific Meeting.
  • The recipient receives a $5,000 honorarium, a certificate plaque, complimentary registration fees and travel expenses.

Nomination/Submission Process

  • Nominations must be submitted using the AASD Award Application Form.
  • Nominations are accepted only from AASD members including AASD executive board members.
  • Letters of nomination of less than 400 words and signed by three persons at most will be accepted.
  • CV with nominees’ career and publication highlights (not more than five publications relevant to the prize criteria).
  • Completed applications and supporting documents are submitted via e-mail before June 30th, 2014 to AASD office:office@aa-sd.org


  • Recipients are chosen by the AASD Awards Selection Committee and approved by the Executive Board of AASD.

The late Pan Xiaoren, MD was a renowned researcher, mentor, and clinician best known for his contributions to diabetes epidemiological research, especially in the prevention of diabetes in Asia.

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